About Us

SuperSonic Transportation (SST) was created to revitalize professionalism within the Missouri cannabis industry. The leaders of this initiative sought to create an environment with clear and open communication, accountability, and integrity. At SuperSonic Transportation, we take pride in our leader’s background and our team’s eye for attention to detail. SST is prepared and fully funded to successfully adjust to the rapidly changing industry including working with larger clients and heavier demands as well as growing a fleet of both reliable vehiclesand competent, fully trained trustworthy employees.

We have always been proud of our employee’s work ethic along with the opportunity to offer them generous benefits while keeping ourselves competitive in the market. The passion that they possess allows SST to have an important competitive advantage: To have a single, common goal – Professionalism, Accountability, Integrity.

Here at SST, we are proud to call Michael J. LaFrieda (Mike) our CEO. Mike has over 25 years of transportation and security experience starting in the public sector with United States Department of Homeland Security. Mike specialized in surface transport security and training new recruits. Taking that experience, Mike has transferred it to the private sector, most specifically in cannabis security, safety, operations, and logistics.

Under Mike’s leadership and help from state-of-the-art delivery and scheduling software, we are properly equipped to work with the Missouri cannabis industry leaders and patients. Taking advantage of our central Missouri location, we are set to move products to all four corners of the state and everything in between. Our dedicated team will embark on long journeys to have your products delivered safely, efficiently, and in compliance with DHSS regulations.

We look forward to promoting the growth of the Missouri Medical Marijuana industry in the near future!